Many companies and customers such as finance, public, manufacturing, and distribution are choosing products and services provided by Cotton Candy. Cotton Candy provides the best domestic solution that guarantees excellent performance and stability while satisfying various requirements and environments of customers.

Centralized remote device management platform

CandyBox is an integrated device management platform that enables management tasks such as backup and restore of multiple Windows-based devices located in a remote location on one platform.

Office PC operating environment

‘K’ Issue

  • Operate approximately 2,000 employees’ PCs in the office
  • IT administrator’s business resources are excessively used to solve employees’ PC errors and failures


  • IT manager’s workload reduction solution
  • Solutions for improving the PC environment of employees

Introduction effect

  • Through the event restoration function, when the employee PC is’logged out’ every day, the OS installation disk except the storage disk is restored to the initial state where only essential utilities such as office and corporate security programs are installed.
  • IT manager’s trouble handling and PC management workload reduction
  • Maintain a pleasant employee PC environment
  • Management cost reduction effect
  • Block employees from using pirated software

Common PC operating environment

‘M’ Issue

  • Operating approximately 1,000 shared PCs, such as meeting rooms and data reading rooms
  • Repetition of failures such as malware infection and data deletion due to irresponsible use of multiple unspecified users


  • Rapid PC restoration in case of failure
  • Reducing the workload of IT managers

Introduction effect

  • Establish a system in which all public PCs are restored to the initial state where only the essential utilities are set on a specific day of the week through the schedule restoration function.
  • IT manager’s trouble handling and PC management workload reduction
  • Management cost reduction effect
  • Maintain a comfortable common PC environment

ATM (unmanned machine) operating environment

‘N’ Issue

  • Providing tens of thousands of ATMs and operating services nationwide
  • Fatal economic loss in case of ATM error (characteristics of the financial automation service industry)
  • Exponential increase in losses caused by prolonged downtime due to delays in A/S engineer travel


  • Powerful disaster recovery solution that can normalize devices in any situation

Introduction effect

  • Establishment of remote restoration system through installation of CandyPlug remote power control device
  • Real-time status of ATMs nationwide
  • Remote problem handling without A/S engineer travel
  • *Resolve remotely even in case of system error due to BSOD and network loss
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs

*BSOD : Blue screen phenomenon

Rental PC management environment

‘J’ Issue

  • Office PC rental business for customers
  • Frequent after-sales service due to PC errors and increased maintenance costs
  • Consuming a lot of resources for the initialization work of the recovered PC (OS reinstallation and other software installation) after the contract expires


  • PC restoration remotely from a failure situation
  • Reduced the time required to reset the PC after the contract expires

Introduction effect

  • Real-time grasp of PC operation status
  • When a PC problem occurs, remotely handle the problem without A/S
  • Maintenance cost reduction effect
  • Establish an efficient PC recycling system by reducing the initialization time of the recovered PC (previously: about 90 minutes, after introduction: about 10 minutes)