Many companies and customers such as finance, public, manufacturing, and distribution are choosing products and services provided by Cotton Candy. Cotton Candy provides the best domestic solution that guarantees excellent performance and stability while satisfying various requirements and environments of customers.

Windows Deployment and Migration Solutions

CandyDeploy is a solution specialized for Windows deployment and migration to multiple devices. It is an efficient product for device production sites that require the same work repetition for a large number of devices and enterprises and public institutions that need to migrate multiple PCs.

OS migration

‘Y’ Issue

  • Review of Windows 7 >> Windows 10 migration of 2,000 employees’ PCs
  • Review delay due to loss of work due to cost and time required


  • Minimization of work loss of employees due to PC migration
  • Minimize the workload of IT managers

Effect of introducing SW solution

  • Established CandyDeploy server in’Y’ closed network
  • Employee PC enters CandyDeploy server through PXE boot and executes automatic migration
  • Automatic post-processing such as software installation, IP setting, and printer setting
  • Windows 10 feature update procedure automatically (twice a year)
  • Reduced employee work loss due to migration work (approximately 10 minutes from OS installation to completion of various post-production tasks, and 90 minutes for migration through existing methods)

Large-scale PC production and shipping environment

‘A’ Issue

  • Large-scale assembly PC production and shipping system operation
  • Seeking ways to increase production efficiency by shortening processes


  • Reduced OS and SW installation time
  • Easy way for anyone to work

HW solution introduction effect

  • Automatic default settings such as software installation
  • Easy and convenient operation principle minimizes field workforce
  • Shorten the production process. (It takes about 10 minutes from OS installation to completion of various post-production, and about 90 minutes for the existing process)