Many companies and customers such as finance, public, manufacturing, and distribution are choosing products and services provided by Cotton Candy. Cotton Candy provides the best domestic solution that guarantees excellent performance and stability while satisfying various requirements and environments of customers.

BIG DATA-based PC productivity improvement solution

CandyMonitor is a solution that provides enterprise productivity improvement by finding and optimizing and resolving the problem of corporate PC speed based on information gathering and performance measurement using Big Data and AI.

Office PC operating environment

‘K’ Issue

  • Operating approximately 3,000 employees’ PCs in the office
  • Frequent complaints about employees’ PC performance
  • Excessive work resources of IT managers related to employees’ PC errors and failures


  • IT manager’s workload reduction solution
  • Solutions for improving the PC environment of employees
  • Complete diagnosis and analysis of issues
  • System for continuous management of issues

Introduction effect

  • In-house S/W installation related policy establishment and integrated management system establishment
  • Through the common application of the established S/W policy, IT administrator’s management workload is reduced and work efficiency is increased.
  • Maintain pleasant PC environment for employees at all times
  • Reduction of maintenance cost
  • Enhance productivity of the entire company by improving the performance of enterprise PCs