Cottoncandy provides a platform that connects technology and people, not just a device to device.

CottonCandy provides a revolutionary efficiency, cost reduction, speed, reliability and robust disaster recovery platform regardless of circumstances.

CottonCandy is a specialized company with original technology related to system backup/restore/deploy solutions.
“Life Changing solution” cannot only make the customer’s IT environment more efficient and productive, but also create customer’s work value and life change.
Our goal is to build a secure, independent device management platform for your IT environment to enable efficient management of all your devices at your fingertips.


Our goal is to help our customers save more money and time, and invest time and money where they are more valuable.

Enterprises can invest more in future R&D by managing devices and reducing disaster recovery costs to increase corporate value, save time for administrators to recover from failures, and work remotely to spend more time with family If you can send it.

Isn’t that the true “Life Changing Solution” that CottonCandy pursues?

CottonCandy will be a company that provides a true solution, not just a company that provides only technology.


Company Name

Cotton Candy


Nam Seung-ri

Business Areas

Remote system backup/restore,
Remote control, power control


8th floor, Gyeongdong Building, 4, Sunae-ro 46beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do




July 2017



We don’t want customers to be able to get just technical improvements by using our solutions.
Providing such a solution to improve the quality of life is the only goal of Cottoncandy.
CottonCandy’s efforts will not stop until customers are satisfied with each and every one.
Nam Seung Lee, CEO
The reason for the existence of CandyBox is clear.
Reducing customer operating costs and minimizing damages by minimizing the number of failures and the time it takes to recover from failures.
In the end, it’s the biggest value CottonCandy can offer its customers that they can create significant cost savings by using them.
Kim Hyun Soo, CSO
CandyBox is a simple yet powerful tool for connecting and controlling devices.
By using CandyBox, you can secure a strong connection with the device.
No matter how many platforms it provides, if you lose connectivity, there is no meaning, and I think that strong connectivity will further enhance the value of CandyBox.
Seo Yang Jin, CTO, PhD