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CottonCandy, acquired GS (Good Software) certification.

2020-07-23 18:33

CottonCandy announced that their remote device management platform, 'Candy Box 1.6', has acquired a software quality certification (GS) 1st grade from Korea Information and Communication Technology Association (TTA).

GS certification is a software quality certification system granted by government so that customers can purchase excellent and reliable software. The software with GS certification has priority to be a target for public institutions’ order.

CandyBox is an integrated device management platform that allows you to efficiently and stably manage multiple devices remotely.

User can respond quickly through real-time alarms when there’s system error or issue occurs on device. With CandyBox, stable device maintenance is possible by predicting failures based on collected data.

User can monitor the status of all devices through dashboard in real-time. User can control/restore the devices remotely with its various functions (remote backup/restore, remote control, remote power control etc.)

Nam Seung-ri, CEO of CottonCandy, said, “We are so delighted that our product’s quality and reliability is verified through acquiring GS certification. As the IoT business expands, the need of remote management solutions increases, we will try our best to attract new customers in public sector.