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Unmanned Migration Solution

2020-07-23 18:35
As Windows7’s technical service ended on Jan 14, 2020, PCs in enterprise and government offices which have not upgraded to Windows10, are exposed to risk of security vulnerabilities.

Therefore, PCs in enterprise and government offices are necessary to upgrade to Windows10. However, it is analyzed that Windows7 is still being used due to lack of budget and labor for large number of Pcs.

In order to use Windows10, it is generally known that replacing the whole PC is the best way, but there are still many companies and government offices that are looking for ‘Migration’, a method of upgrade only the Operating system due to practical problems. However, in order to migrate, it is necessary that professional person to visit and proceed the migration or to train some people who are responsible for corporate’s IT environment.

However, due to Covid19 issue, proceeding migration is having difficulties by that the companies and government offices are trying to not contact outsiders to avoid infection.

Among the situation, CottonCandy’s ‘CandyDeploy’, the first unmanned window migration solution is drawing attention.

Since CandyDeploy is a fully automated solution, you can migrate your PC to windows 10 from outside remotely. In addition, installation of existing programs and IP settings, printer settings can be automatically performed also.

Kevin Nam, CEO of CottonCandy said “We are delighted to introduce such a solution that can contribute to improve customer’s IT environment in this tough status due to COVID19 issue. We will do our best to develop more competitive products and solutions through continuous efforts.”