Centralized, Integrated Device Management Platform

CandyBox is an integrated device management platform that allows you to manage multiple devices remotely with tasks such as backup and restore etc.

Big Data-based PC Productuvity Implovement Solution

CandyMonitor is a solution that provides enterprise productivity improvement by optimizing corporate PC performance with Big data & Ai

Open-Channel IoT Monitoring Platform

CandyBox for IoT is an open-channel IoT platform that allows you monitor the status of various devices by visualizing data received from them.

Windows Deployment & Migration Solution

CandyDeploy is a solution specialized for wondows deployment and migration to multiple devices. Its an effective solution for device production sites and enterprise that require task repetitions for a large number of devices.

CandyBackup S.A (Stand Alone)

CandyBackup S.A는 기업 및 개인 PC 사용자를 위한 백업/복구 솔루션으로 사용자의 PC가 최적의 상태일 때의 시스템 환경을 이미지 형태로 백업하여, 문제 발생시 복원을 통해 사용자의 시스템을 항상 최적의 상태로 유지합니다.