Open-Channel IoT Monitoring Platform

CandyBox for IoT is an open-channel IoT platform that allows you to monitor the status of various devices by visualizing data received from them.

Why CandyBox for IoT??

Based on the data collected through CandyBox for IoT, it is possible to envision an industrial upgrade service through failure prediction, failure prevention, and pattern analysis.

Mini Solar Power Monitoring Platform

A combination of IoT devices and monitoring platform, households with solar panel can easily check the status of power generation, and the municipalities can management service with statistical data gathered from each houholds.

※ Official Partnership with Seoul-si
Providing demonstrational monitoring service for 2,000 households (2019)

Service background

Project, ‘The City of the Sun, Seoul’

  • Supply mini solar power plants to 1 million households by 2022.
  • Supply solar power plant on 100% of installable public land
  • Expand solar power generation facilities for 1GW

Households with solar power plant

  • Difficult to know whether installed solar panel is working properly or not
  • Difficult to grasp the efficiency for power generation
  • Difficult to manage

Service outline

Mini solar power monitoring platform

Service effect

Manage the total informations such as electricity generation, cumulative power generation etc. from each household on an integrated platform Minimize human resource consumption Minimize management points Reduce maintenance costs
Check required data, print statistical data, Quick A/S support through grasping error Provide citizen convenience, able to check business performance

‘Dolbome’ – Lonely Death Prevention Care Service for Living Alone Elderly

Official Partnership with GumCheon-Gu, Seoul (Approximately 600 house monitoring in progress)
Demonstrational operation and installation in progress for other provincial town halls (Songpa-Gu, Yangchun-Gu, Suyoung-Gu, Buchun-Gu, etc.)

Service Background

55 elders suicide per day
5 lonely death found in two days

Rejection of ICT service from local government due to personal privacy infringement (CCTV etc.)


Incidence of lonely death due to Denial of service

Another level of measurement is needed

Single-person households status

The number of elderly who are in need of care and support for disconnected from society is increasing rapidly. Estimated 780,000 people by 2022

Service outline

Lonely death prevention service by using IoT device mornitoring platform

Service effect

The elderly living alone

  • Increase satisfaction for welfare benefits
  • Decrease incidence of lonely death

Municipality/Social Worker

  • Eliminated risk group management difficulties
  • Build a social safety net
  • Remote monitoring management for 365 days
  • Reduce workload for contacting and visiting
  • Provide citizen convenience
  • Check business performance

Prevent lonely death by visiting within golden time

Single-person household lonely death outbreak

CandyBox for IoT is an open-channel platform that can be used in various industries.