Windows Deployment and Migration Solutions

CandyDeploy is a solution specialized for Windows deployment and migration to multiple devices. It is an efficient product for device production sites that require the same work repetition for a large number of devices and enterprises and public institutions that need to migrate multiple PCs.

Why CandyDeploy?

By providing various options related to Windows distribution, it is possible to quickly and effectively solve tasks such as production, migration, and management of multiple PCs.


It distributes Windows or other applications to multiple PCs, making it easy and convenient to perform the same installation. With the deployment function, Windows migration of many long and troublesome PCs can be done easily and conveniently, and in the case of Windows 10, it is a solution that can be easily responded to regularly updated functions.

  • WIM image support
  • Can be distributed even if the types of devices to be distributed are different
  • Various distribution options, including disk-wide distribution / system partition only
  • Simultaneous distribution by applying different images for each PC
  • Post-processing automation such as account and network settings after deployment
  • Easily respond to Windows 10 regular function updates


CandyDeploy provides software solutions that can be deployed to remotely located devices and hardware solutions that can be rapidly deployed to remotely located devices.

  • 배포 대상 디바이스들의 종류가 다르더라도 배포 가능
  • 디스크 전체 배포 / 시스템 파티션만 배포 등 다양한 배포 옵션
  • PC별로 서로 다른 이미지 적용하여 동시 배포 가능
  • 배포 후 계정, 네트워크 설정 등 후처리 자동화 가능
  • 윈도우10 정기 기능 업데이트에 손쉽게 대응 가능

Software solutions

Deploy/migrate by deploying Candy Deploy installed on the central server and the target PC over the network.

  • Deploy and migrate to multiple target devices at remote locations.
  • Sequential deployment support
  • Support for distributed distribution using P2P communication
  • Distribution support using multicast communication

Hardware solutions

Deploy/migrate by directly connecting Candy Deploy H/W and the target PC.

  • No need to pre-install software such as agents.
  • Overwhelmingly fast simultaneous deployment speed.
  • Do not consume business network traffic.
  • Not affected by firewall and security policy

도입 사례

‘S’사 서비스 센터 PC 복원 솔루션 구성도

– 본사에서 마스터 이미지 생성 및 등록
– 각 지점에 캔디 디플로이 배치, 각 디바이스에서 마스터 이미지를 자동 싱크 하여 최신 마스터 이미지 유지
– 에러 발생 시 최신 마스터 이미지로 복원

안정적인 IT 환경 구축
관리 포인트 축소
비용 절감

제품 사양

CandyDeploy를 도입하기 전에 하기 사항들을 미리 확인해주시기 바랍니다.

지원방식 Mini PC, Network Lan Port로 대상 PC 연결가능
제품사양 주요사양
– 프로세서 : Intel CPU i3
– 메모리 : DDRIII 4GB
– 저장공간 : SSD 250GB
OS – Windows 10 64bit
지원 언어 – 한국어 / 영어
인터페이스 – Power 스위치, USB x 2EA, VGA x 1EA, LAN x 8EA
연결방식 – USB 부팅 / PxE 부팅
– HUB에 연결하여 다수의 Device에 연결 가능 (최대 30대 권장)